the devil is a teeze, and the lady is a vamp

 It's been a little break I've taken from Devilishly Pleasurable, the clocks have adjusted, and in the thick of an extremely busy week leading up to a huge make-or-break event for me, I have fallen sick. My head is in the clouds and everything is dancing. Which is really bad news. Once every few days, the devil standing on my left shoulder whispers into my ear, "Blog! Those shoes!" and then the angel standing on the other coos, "Blog! Those shoes!". And so I've caved in while sniffing away. So yes, Those Shoes. Bordello Teeze in red and white polkadots. The most comfortable six-inches I have ever worn-- after all they are made for dancers (whilst I pretend that I am one).

One Thursday night D told me about some event called Lock In At The Rock Inn and I said, "ooh I can dress up!".

"That's what I told the friend who recommended me, 'The girl would be so excited to dress up!' ". And dress up I did. This beautiful vintage dress I got from Cambridge but had never worn thus far got belted up with my mom's awesome soft red leather belt. But prior to that, I had wandered into a shop and found a black bob wig which looks a little like the pink one Denise wore for Halloween. And I danced around the flat pretending to look like Catherine Zeta-Jones in Chicago, stuffing my thick crown of hair into it. Recently, too, we stumbled upon this brand of feather eyelashes called Stargazer. If you thought that my previous feather eyelash exploits were mad enough, this brand carries those with enough flamboyance to end all flamboyance. Although the base is a little flimsy, the lashes are SO huge I feel like there's a glamorous arachnid on my eyelids, flanked by sparkly gold tips. Funnily enough, the extra-large eyes as a result, coupled with the bob makes me look so much younger, and friendlier for a change. .  With yet another new face, I told the lucky devil he had a new girlfriend for the night. Normally he calls me P44124, P92738 (kinda like Stargate planet addresses haha) and then that night we reverted to my real name, for a change.

Strangely enough, the contrasting Flower Of Life pattern tights from Pamela Mann (which he picked out) worked wickedly with the shoes. It was an experiment-- as was the contrasting of the blue with the red-- and I accessorised with some diamond stud earrings, a large gold necklace and a red Diva fabric rose ring, before slipping on a red trench coat and a quilted Chanel handbag. Off and ready for the night! Unfortunately, the event was extremely bizarre and it was slightly discomforting when people started asking me, "Are you going up to perform?". Still, we had a good time chatting over drinks after the event, and then headed back into Brighton town proper for some live music. . And of course, D had taken me more amazing photographs I was drooling over. .


Meanwhile in some underground bar, some girl came over and asked to take photographs of my legs/shoes because she was rather amazed by it. Actually the whole night, I was approached by many girls regarding my shoes/tights/wig (shiny hair!)/feather eyelashes, and I had to explain that I went to some event earlier on. And that I don't normally walk around looking like that (even if that isn't necessarily a bad thing). So she happily snapped away, and took some for D and myself. Following which I became trigger-happy documenting my shoes too. .

 "This is like some CSI crime scene shot with a disembodied leg"-- D. Hah!
And of course I have to thank D for helping me decide on the colour of the shoes. I was having a tussle between black/white and red/white, where this Rational Practical Self keeps telling me I need practical shoes (or at least practical colours) because once in a while do I look at all my shoes and realise I have no practical ones save for knee-high walking boots. And he convinced me to accept my Real Love for the red/white pair. . which I keep prancing about it indoors. Hey, it's my first pair of new shoes in more than half a year. . and also a reward for an entire week of non-stop hard work earlier this month :)

I hope to be able to drop by your sites when the mayhem of this week (and the illness) blows over. . Have a glorious week ahead xxx

do you hear the people sing

D and I found this pair of Wartime Secretary Pants during the Zara sale and I had to try it on because it was so cheap. It fit like a glove so I bought it, but unfortunately they ran of sizes for the matching jacket. We then discussed a French Resistance look-- I think he gets the kicks out of all the different looks that I like playing around with. And I remembered I have a green beret, bought years ago from ASOS, that I knew I would wear someday, and lo and behold, it's gone one full circle and has been used in the UK itself.

My mother's gorgeous red pussybow top was kidnapped by me. . and I've worn it quite a few times over here. It's so soft and silky, and it fits very well-- I love its classic look. Of course you'll need more red here, so on goes Chanel Passion slicked on the lips, and the red Dolce & Gabanna pumps which I wear everywhere. Other items are: vintage gold earrings (Mom's); Diva ring; long black satin gloves; green Miu Miu bag; green ASOS wool beret.

And somehow everytime I think of Revolution or Resistance, I think of El Che and his fighting spirit (I named my cat after him, unfortunately he turned out to be a bit Sissy-ish, so I now call him Ernesto Che not-Guevara) and how sexy he looked smoking his pipe. Someone used to laugh at me for 'liking dead men' but I think he was just jealous. Lol. I think of The Boxer Rebellion. I also think of May 1968 even though I was only born in '86. And then I also have the song Do You Hear The People Sing from Les Miserables blasting in my head, getting all roused up. That's one of my favourite songs, I think I once shocked my mom one night when she came downstairs to see me all engrossed in that song which I play on some nights. If you have seen how Alex DeLarge looks all musically-intoxicated everytime he listens to Ludwig van in A Clockwork Orange, that's the effect Do You Hear has on me. One day I really must go watch Les Miserables, having read Hugo's amazing piece many times over, crippled my fingers practicing the pieces on my piano when I was much younger, God I love the story and music.

Have a fabulous weekend! x

morphing chameleon

I think I experienced some metamorphosis of sorts at the end of 2002. Since then I have always been told that my face is always changing, which I never realised until I started taking photographs with a vengeance. D says he gets confused sometimes, "It's like you come out of somewhere and you become another person altogether", swearing that even my mouth changes when I so much as remove my glasses." Sometimes he makes it sound like I have an assortment of facial parts that I can remove and wear at will like false eyelashes. It is quite hilarious, and he'll label each look "Girlfriend 75", "Girlfriend 483", etcetera. I actually enjoy this constant change in the face, and play it up with makeup. Here's eight faces in the last three weeks. .

The Assassin, of which the word's etymology is derived from "Hashashin", a Nizari branch active in Iran from the 8th to 14th centuries. I've met at least ten people who've told me unanimously I look  like an assassin, especially when I'm in my Spygirl getup of tight black jeans and long black top, complete with boots with shiny buckles. Someday if I ever write a novel inspired by my days as a private investigator, that will be the cover look. Even D's friend thinks I look like a ninja assassin. There are two assassin looks though, even if both have a general uniform of black-- one has hair bunned into a high ballerina knot, an evil stare and nude lips. In that look, I remember how when I used to tutor or handle animal adoptions, suddenly my student/client would burst out, "Miss do you know who is Tomb Raider? I think you look like Tomb Raider". This one requires bold red lips, hair let down, fake bangs, and loads of mascara.
Photo taken on a Saturday night during an Italian dinner following which two mad drunk women were making a ruckus and were hauled out. Drama for that night.

What I do best-- The Cheeky Face. Probably how I look like on most days-- hair messily knotted up, lips au naturel, and a light wash of eye shadow. Complete with The Most Vocal Cat In The World who loves to scream in photographs. God I miss her!



Tuesday's face. I woke up looking a bit Oriental, which doesn't always happen. Since I was 17, I realise a rather annoying pick-up line is, "Are you mixed. No you can't be Chinese". Some even fought with me insisting that I'm not, which gets me really upset because I know what I am, thank you very much. Then from University onwards, I got accosted by "Hello, are you foreigner" and had to insist that I am born and bred in Singapore-- as though I would lie about that! It got so bad that I started biting back, "have you ever seen a foreigner in your life?", I can't help having a Question Mark Ethnic Face. My father has really tiny eyes with a single eyelid (and no eyelashes, as I like to tease him) and my mother has thick double eyelids. Somehow I came out with thin double eyelids and long lower eyelashes (that's from my maternal grandmother) but the biggest eyes in the family. In fact they even used to bulge a little probably due to early myopia my father would joke that if I kept progressing towards looking like a goldfish he'd put me in a tank, which scared the hell out of me. Lol. On some days my eyes look smaller than usual, so I play them down even more. All that's needed is pale eyeshadow, a thick line of liquid eyeliner with a Cleopatra flick, two coats of mascara, some blush, and nude lips. And maybe a pearl earring.
Looking a bit Oriental does scare me a little here at times. You walk down the streets and people go in some odd sing-song voice, "Heeeello, Orieeental", and then they think you can't speak English at all. Or worse would be people calling you "Suki", telling you "Mushi mushi" or "You're the first Japanese I've seen all day" which really makes my blood boil because no, I'm not Japanese. I even remembered arguing with some guy in Melbourne who insisted I am Japanese and kept asking me about cherry blossoms when I kept insisting I'm from Singapore and am ethnically Chinese. I speak three Chinese languages-- as though I wouldn't know what I am. Pffft. As you can probably guess, I have strange encounters with people, including having to insist on what my ethnicity is.

Wednesday's face. Looking a bit more like my regular face again, i.e. the face I know and see most of the time. Although D would tell you there is no such thing, I insist there is. One slight wash of eyeshadow, and clear lipbalm, and I'm no longer the girl I was yesterday. With this face I get less people accosting me for reasons of playing Guess Your Ethnicity game. Really, sometimes I think people are too free. But I will shut up now. Not going to complain about people too much. 

The deceptive faux sweet girl face a.k.a. butter wouldn't melt in your mouth. That name also made up by D, whenever I insist I look innocent. Taken in Singapore, based on this post. Makeup here requires loads of dark washes of eyeshadow blended meticulously together, some liquid eyeliner, three coats of mascara on the curled-to-death upper and lower lashes, NARS blush, and nude lipgloss. Sometimes I am amazed at how friendly I can look, because I like to insist there is not a single sweet bone in me.


Bold lips from my Polesque Cabaret night. The general look here is red/maroon lips (or purple if I want to look like a Demonness or Vampiress), loads of dark washes of eyeshadow and boldy-lined eyes, and highlighter on my cheekbones. Generally involves feather eyelashes too. Also one of my favourite looks,  and a little like my Vintage Pin Up Girl look.



This would be the Cyber Gamergirl look, where I feel like I've just emerged from a computer game. I love computer games, except that the moment I start playing I won't stop until I reach the highest levels or break my old records, which translates to a most almighty waste of time. The look here is nude matt lips, cheekbone highlighter, high hair and fake bangs. Eyes are done with loads of gold and Mermaid shades of teal, green, aqua, and sea foam, before lining them very boldly with a mixture of liquid and gel eyeliner. Accessorised here with the Upper Echelons necklace that I made


Another nude matte lips look, with colourful eyes, involving shades of gold, green, blue and purple, many coats of mascara, and kohl eyeliner. Complete with blusher. Colourful eyes always make me feel like a peacock (although technically peahens are plain), and I love this t-shirt with a rather naughty-looking girl illustrated on it.

 Hope you're having an awesome midweek so far, and thanks for all the sweet comments on the previous post! xxx

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