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 Wicked heels, droolworthy bags, scarlet lips, gorgeous dresses, ostentatious jewelry and decadent prints. And of course, food. Because the way to a woman's heart is through her stomach and the excited tingles of her tastebuds. Because, life can be Devilishly Pleasurable, even if we acknowledge the doom and the gloom. Because too, everyday's a fashion parade.
Hello! I'm P, the girl behind Devilishy Pleasurable. This site was started as I walked into the last weeks of my Masters course, as a chronologically-displaced photodiary chronicling my life at Cambridge (UK), my hometown Singapore and wherever else my heels have treaded upon. As you may read here, Devilishly Pleasurable has evolved beyond a photolog with few words and predominantly pictures. Instead, the rambler in me has given in, as I now muse about my other interests and daily activities, bitch a little, provide a few recipes that I experiment with, as well as a few lifestyle features such as How To Steal Away For A Devilishly Pleasurable Bath. Put simply, tips on how to make your life slightly more blissful-- why not, since you only live once!

This site features the vain(er) and hedonistic sides of me, and hence the name Devilishly Pleasurable. Like most other bloggers in the expanding ocean of fashion and style blogging, I love clothes and shoes. Experimentation is my forte, playing with what my boyfriend quips bemusedly as "Decorations". and my signature style would probably be somewhere along the lines of eclectic and flamboyant, with a touch of vintage and red lipstick in what I call "Vintage Girl". I also adore food, beautiful things, cats, and breaking my boundaries.

I participate quite regularly in Fashion Beauty Friend Friday-- a weekly blogger group that answers a number of questions weekly, and some of my thoughts and/or information about me from tag posts can be read here. I am also building up a series of How To-s on styling tips such as Wearing Your Shoes All Year Round, a series of food and drink recipes, lifestyle features and Blog Building Ideas; as well as DIY ideas for quick repurposing, reappropriations and adaptations.

The musings in this site recount stories and memories-- recollections and anecdotes about family, love and friendship. The things that hold people together and give us strength through the days and dark moments. Above all, therefore, Devilishly Pleasurable is my Gratitude Diary, expressing my thanks to the beauty that life has shown me, the opportunities it has given me, and the challenges that have bent me, fortified me, but never broken me. That which touches me most about blogging is the series of friendships I have made with strong, dynamic and amazing women with their unique voices and personal sense of style. They inspire me and give me that extra boost-- after all, we human beings gravitate towards a sense of community, and thank you to all the lovely blogging friends that I have made over these three months. I hope to meet you all someday.

Today, I am based in the gorgeous seaside town of Brighton-- artsy, fascinating, and with an amazing array of eclectic stores, vintage consignment markets, art lessons and streets with ten charity stores in a row.  Do join me as I continue to post old shots from eons ago and track new adventures.
I also do styling on a freelance basis, whether you require makeup, shopping or clothes for an interview, a gala dinner, or any big event; otherwise if you need ideas to freshen up your wardrobe or zing up your style.
Born 2 August 2010, Devilishly Pleasurable is a cornucopia and repository of memories and places, people and smells, textures and sheens, flavours and thoughts. A tribute to generations and years of clothes and shoes and bags-- however ancient, vintage, hand-me-down, a-few-seasons-ago, or spankin' new. The other passions featured here musings, food and cooking, books, travels and anything that strikes my fancy. Quite possibly, chronologically-displaced; a work-in-progress. Peppered with musings, Devilishly Pleasurable was started as a photodiary and a sketchpad of ideas. Inspired because  . shoes are devilishly pleasurable, first and foremost.


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