the devil is a teeze, and the lady is a vamp

 It's been a little break I've taken from Devilishly Pleasurable, the clocks have adjusted, and in the thick of an extremely busy week leading up to a huge make-or-break event for me, I have fallen sick. My head is in the clouds and everything is dancing. Which is really bad news. Once every few days, the devil standing on my left shoulder whispers into my ear, "Blog! Those shoes!" and then the angel standing on the other coos, "Blog! Those shoes!". And so I've caved in while sniffing away. So yes, Those Shoes. Bordello Teeze in red and white polkadots. The most comfortable six-inches I have ever worn-- after all they are made for dancers (whilst I pretend that I am one).

One Thursday night D told me about some event called Lock In At The Rock Inn and I said, "ooh I can dress up!".

"That's what I told the friend who recommended me, 'The girl would be so excited to dress up!' ". And dress up I did. This beautiful vintage dress I got from Cambridge but had never worn thus far got belted up with my mom's awesome soft red leather belt. But prior to that, I had wandered into a shop and found a black bob wig which looks a little like the pink one Denise wore for Halloween. And I danced around the flat pretending to look like Catherine Zeta-Jones in Chicago, stuffing my thick crown of hair into it. Recently, too, we stumbled upon this brand of feather eyelashes called Stargazer. If you thought that my previous feather eyelash exploits were mad enough, this brand carries those with enough flamboyance to end all flamboyance. Although the base is a little flimsy, the lashes are SO huge I feel like there's a glamorous arachnid on my eyelids, flanked by sparkly gold tips. Funnily enough, the extra-large eyes as a result, coupled with the bob makes me look so much younger, and friendlier for a change. .  With yet another new face, I told the lucky devil he had a new girlfriend for the night. Normally he calls me P44124, P92738 (kinda like Stargate planet addresses haha) and then that night we reverted to my real name, for a change.

Strangely enough, the contrasting Flower Of Life pattern tights from Pamela Mann (which he picked out) worked wickedly with the shoes. It was an experiment-- as was the contrasting of the blue with the red-- and I accessorised with some diamond stud earrings, a large gold necklace and a red Diva fabric rose ring, before slipping on a red trench coat and a quilted Chanel handbag. Off and ready for the night! Unfortunately, the event was extremely bizarre and it was slightly discomforting when people started asking me, "Are you going up to perform?". Still, we had a good time chatting over drinks after the event, and then headed back into Brighton town proper for some live music. . And of course, D had taken me more amazing photographs I was drooling over. .


Meanwhile in some underground bar, some girl came over and asked to take photographs of my legs/shoes because she was rather amazed by it. Actually the whole night, I was approached by many girls regarding my shoes/tights/wig (shiny hair!)/feather eyelashes, and I had to explain that I went to some event earlier on. And that I don't normally walk around looking like that (even if that isn't necessarily a bad thing). So she happily snapped away, and took some for D and myself. Following which I became trigger-happy documenting my shoes too. .

 "This is like some CSI crime scene shot with a disembodied leg"-- D. Hah!
And of course I have to thank D for helping me decide on the colour of the shoes. I was having a tussle between black/white and red/white, where this Rational Practical Self keeps telling me I need practical shoes (or at least practical colours) because once in a while do I look at all my shoes and realise I have no practical ones save for knee-high walking boots. And he convinced me to accept my Real Love for the red/white pair. . which I keep prancing about it indoors. Hey, it's my first pair of new shoes in more than half a year. . and also a reward for an entire week of non-stop hard work earlier this month :)

I hope to be able to drop by your sites when the mayhem of this week (and the illness) blows over. . Have a glorious week ahead xxx


  1. I want to elope with those shoes.

  2. I was thinking about you the other day, thought you might be working hard.
    Those are some killer ballerina shoes, i been after bordello shoes for awhile.the thing is ,how do you walk with them in the cobbles streets?
    that wig is awesome, you sure look like a dancer amor. Also, you do resemble catherine zeta jones.
    I love the sensuality of this whole night.
    I been feeling like crap too, hope u get well soon.

  3. how wonderful those shoes and stockings are! perfect pairing. i've been eyeing a bordello teeze shoes myself. glad to know they're comfy!

  4. Helgavontrollop29 March 2011 at 07:18

    o....m....GAWD!!! I loooooove those shoes!!!
    You look totally hot,actually-so what's new?! The tights,the frock,the wig!YUM!
    Great to see you back,looking foxy!!

  5. Those shoes are awesome! And I'm glad you picked red - 6" platforms can't be practical anyway, so might as well go with it and choose the more fun color! Hope you feel better soon :)

  6. Welcome back! I missed you. Those shoes and whale nets are gorgeous. xxx

  7. My dear friend, I had lost track of your blog. I couldn´t connect for a while. I am sooooooooooooo glad to your usual glamour and beauty. Thank you for your help with the outfit.
    Much love.

  8. Good to hear from you, on your own blog and on mine! I was hoping you were okay, and was just a day from giving a little poke in the comments of your last entry. Thanks for the Coelho recommendations. I'll put requests in for the first two shortly.

    The combination of bold red/white polka dots and bold black/skin polka dots is brilliant! I haven't seen a look like that before, and it really does work. And what fun, to try a wig for an outing. D. is a fortunate fellow to have a playful chameleon girlfriend!

    Hope you're feeling better soon.

  9. Love this look! The circle tights and spotty shoes are a winning combination!

  10. great shoes!!!xx

  11. Those shoes are absolutely incredible. And you should chop your hair like that, the wig looks fab xx

  12. i have those shoes as well! def one of my favorite pairs :)

  13. What amazing shoes!! I love your vintage dress as well. Fab outfit - no wonder it caught the attention of so many people - I hope you get better soon!

  14. Hope you get to feeling better and on top of things soon. The contrast of the tights with the shoes is really attention getting.

  15. Love the CSI shot! lol It is the best.

    I was going to ask if you cut your hair! But now i know it is a wig. I do LOVE those shoes, but they are sooo tall!

  16. I gave you an award my dear. :)

  17. Cool mix of tights and pumps! I love your blog! Please check out mine and follow if you'd like :)

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