DIYS, appropriations & quick adaptations

Featured here are a selection of some quick DIY or apparel appropriation ideas from old posts to maximise the mileage of your treasured wardrobe!. . Click through to see the original post.

Appropriate the collar of your leather jacket into an accessory of its own. Wear the jacket open and simply buckle the collar up.
Do you have loads of amazing basques that you wish you could wear out? Here's one idea how you can take your basque out proudly!

And yet another, with the same basque.
Texturise. Lace stockings and reptile print together with shiny, 6-inch heels? Purrfect tribute for YSL Tributes!

Pluck an artificial flower and anything else you would like to include and sew it onto a leather cord. Rough stitches look more 'natural' and use bronze-toned nail polish to rim the edges of the fabric flower. As seen here in this look.

Got loads of corsages and ribbons/lace but don't want to pigeonhole them into any particular accessory? Here's what you can do!
"For instance, this feather-flower-net combination that is supposed to be a hair piece. Sometimes I pin it onto the strap of my dress for a vintage twist. Otherwise to wear it as a necklace, a simple DIY idea would be to take a length of matching satin ribbon and clip it on. Wind your 3-seconds necklace around your neck and tie a ribbon. Voila! Easy peasy :)"

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