burlesque and cabaret by the brighton pier

I often like to muse aloud that I'm living in Kinky Brighton. Besides its reputation for being The Happiest Place In The UK, other things it's known for range from Gay Capital of The UK to Place Where Bosses Would Take Their Secretaries To For 'Meetings'; even the gorgeous Royal Pavilion was built by the Prince Regent for affairs with his mistress who was a married woman. Slightly risque dressing is therefore a-ok over here, much to my delight. In line with how much I love the Burlesque style and channel my inner Vintage Girl sometimes, whilst drooling like crazy at the sheer array of artsy vintage delights over here, tonight we went for Sirens, a burlesque-meets-poledancing cabaret show. And hence that cheeky opening shot ;)

Fans, feathers, poles, tulles, chocolates and ribbons and loads of happy people channeling their inner Showgirl/boy personality. . .

After it was all over we walked in the drizzle by the pier, and took some photographs, before watching the sea roar majestically. .  Boy was it windy, but the fine mists drizzling down coupled with the waves crashing in the foggy moonlight felt amazing. You have to love an excellent elemental experience.


I wanted to go for a more elegant and classy look rather than simply tiny dresses and short hemlines, so the black woolen skirt with the silk sash that I wear for formal presentations came out. Because we were doing Sirens for the night, I thought, why not inject a teeny little bit of naughtiness with a sheer top, whilst covering it a little with my blue-and-gold Oriental print collar, which matched a beautiful clutch that I bought during the recent sales. And you'll always need more lace to finish it off-- blue lace floral stockings and black fingerless lace gloves, whilst wearing rings that just get bigger and bigger. . .

Since I've yet to own maroon lipstick, I mixed purple lipstick with red, inspired by how my mother always mixes her colours and paints them on carefully with a lip brush. And the feather eyelashes with the long tips at the side came out again . . .

vintage sheer polka-dotted top; Gemma Eve collar; Accessorize lace stockings; Charles & Keith signature pumps; Sara Sturgeon skirt; Accessorize clutch; vintage pearl earrings; Diva rings; Tivoli honey faux-fur coat


Have a glorious weekend everyone! :)


  1. I spotted those feather eyelashes straight off!!
    What a fabulous evening,it looks quite the adventure!!!
    I so love your stunning face!The outfit is gorgeous,and delightfully naughty!!!

  2. Ah, everyone looks in such great form - and what an event that must have been too.
    Those stockings/tights are so playful - I like the pattern and your coat. Must confess that I like your spirit in these images and your eyemakeup. have a good one!;-)

  3. Pull Your Socks Up!26 February 2011 at 09:06

    Oh sweetie you are so beautifully photogenic - every photo is a treasure. I've never been to a burlesque cabaret show - you and Helga have peaked my interest and I think I need to search one out even if only for the opportunity to go wild with my outfit. You, my dear, look stunning - the skirt fits perfectly, the blouse is to die for, the clutch is perfection oh and I love the tights, gloves and coat. Oh god that's everything - plus the feather eyelashes!!! xoxo

  4. Everything about you is so fantastic: the tights, shoes, dress, clutch bag, the feather eyelashes, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
    Much love and besos.
    have a wonderful weekend my dear friend.

  5. You should have been on stage never mind watching. You should be admired and marvelled t. Those lashes are fabulous. xxx

  6. you look so erotic exotic amor.I have never been to a Burlesque show...looks very interesting.
    love your outfit so sensual and sexy like you..want those tights and feather lashes.

  7. Any pole dancing men? Then I would have been there! You look so glam as always, I especially love your faux fur coat xx

  8. You look like you would fit right in on that stage! The blouse is just gorgeous! I love the pics of you and your sweetie....I can always tell he's thrilled to be the man on your arm! ~Serene

  9. Looks like you had a naughty-fun evening! Those feather lashes are the perfect finishing touch!

  10. Asiancajuns (Lar)1 March 2011 at 01:11

    Sounds like such a fun night! I lurve all your lace- just gorgeous.

    Decatur, GA is actually the gayest zipcodes in metro Atlanta and the city of Atlanta was voted the gayest city by Out Mag this past year. Decatur/Atlanta should meet Brighton ;)

  11. looks like a totally fabulous night, i love your fur coat!

  12. Thanks for your comment!!! beautifull night look!!!:)

  13. Gabrielle Pascua2 March 2011 at 23:27

    Sounds like a very bizarre experience, but I can't help but be a little curious...it sounds like a Lynch-like environment, and I like it!

    Xx Gaby

  14. Thank you my fellow minx! I always think of you everytime I think of naughty Burlesque! x

  15. You should definitely go for one soon! Alternatively come to Brighton ;) x

  16. "Thank God for girls who still know how to dress up! "

    same to you! x

  17. There was one Burlesque-ish male stripper, you would have loved it! x

  18. Haha. . it wasn't very Lynch but it was fun :)

  19. Goldminetrashvintage3 March 2011 at 06:37

    Always the doll! I love the stockings and purse, along with everything else about this outfit. And burlesque shows are so much fun : D.


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