and summer puts you under its spell. . .

Summer is approaching and the beaches are filled with people. Brighton is bustling, the flowers are blossoming and it is teeming with life everywhere as the sun starts to shine brighter, the days get longer, and life gets a little warmer. In the meantime, I have been holding my breath and crossing my fingers and toes till they start to spasm, going through rounds of interviews in the fight for two (or maybe one) places, and having a high fever and bad cold on the day of the final round itself. . and finally got word that I got into the course of my choice! This autumn marks the beginning of my last three years of studies. D keeps calling me Dr P prematurely now, and we have a mighty good laugh about it. . and I think I can finally start to blog properly now that the suspense and stress is over, whilst remembering that I still do have loads of winter shots swimming around in my hard disk.  Some pictures over the weeks. .

The day I got my offer letter-- I guess I will forever remember 20 April 2011. . I remember how I was fretting non-stop when I was awaiting the outcome of my Masters applications back in 2009. And here came another round of fretting, to be finally broken into a smile. .

H&M striped dress; Dolce & Gabanna shoes; vintage snake cuff and Warehouse cuff; vintage navy leather belt; vintage earrings
And of course, the amazing D will always convince me to be able to have breakfast even if it's 10 more minutes to me going off to work :)


Stark contrast to the more proper-looking outfit above. The sort of things (i.e. clothes that have been worn previously for a couple of hours) you throw together on a lazy, sunny Sunday afternoon when you're about to walk to the supermarket at 5pm only to realise that all the shops are closed. . . Eccentric shades complete the look.
Charlotte Russe dress; Zara Men denim shirt; Diva bangle; vintage green leather handbag; Accessorize necklace; Aldo shades; vintage clip-on earrings


The Rambling Red Rose seems to be a staple. Whether on cold nights or warm evenings, whether eyes are lined with colours or shaded in a style slightly inspired by racoons. . 
 Superdrug red fabric rose; vintage faux fur coat
Primark floral dress

I am somewhat guilty about how much I am The Flower Destroyer. I.e. of buds languishing in vases in pubs and restaurants. I cannot help but 'help them to bloom' before making art out of them. I remember watching the man in Art Attack make his ingenious mosaics, and perhaps here's me trying my hands at it.

When the weather warms up, The Chocolate Robber visits less. Clearly, all she wants is a warm sofa. Biatch! Here's her quite happily having leaves fall atop her. I always tell D cats are the best creatures to learn from-- all you have to do is display yourself somewhere and people will fuss over you. .

One of my student's mother baked me an amazing fresh cream cake with fruits studded in the sponge. .  Needless to say we devoured it in two evenings. . . 

My favourite human being and myself. . enjoying the sunshine as it streams into the flat. The one who has been rooting for me, supporting my mad decisions, and telling me to stop fretting for the past few weeks. And the one who patiently escorted me to London for my last round of interviews when I was down with fever and a cold. . 

Discovering that jackfruit is available here in tins! Gosh, I love its flavour. Tropical fruits (durians, rambutans, lychees, jackfruits) have got such a deep flavour and are so satiating that I can never have enough. I will always be a tropical girl at heart. .

Whilst teaching I discovered this gorgeous place with amazing grand buildings, and overlooking a magnificent park and the sea. Plus their bathrooms are twice the size of my living room-- it got me fantasising a huge chrome bathtub, loads of plants, a dedicated makeup counter, a hugeass sofa, and ornate mirrors leaning against the walls. I am officially jealous and am now plotting to get a place there. . You see, the building even comes with those ancient lifts with doors you have to twist open yourself and a metal gate you have to push with all your might and strength to enter-- charming! Perhaps I sound mad now, but I remember how the first (and only other) time I came across these lifts was in some old building in Cambridge with June. We were half-afraid it wouldn't work. . and then we vowed to return for photos, but never did.

Blooming daffodils. . .

And gorgeous Brighton/Hove. Have a lovely Easter weekend everyone! :)
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