tales in turquoise

A memorable day out with Lulu in Singers a few months back; 'oh God you're in a dress too!'; slipping on this dreamy turquoise dress with the most delectable prints ever and mermaid-like ruffles; enamoured by the old-meets-new kinda look at Bukit Pasoh; spa-day out; being offered discounts that lured us to eating a most amazing Indian dinner before hauling her off for icecream; water-spilling ploys but to no avail; dealing with multiple phones; faffing around in the carpark

. . basically dresses are the most amazing things to wear. Ever. 

Photos by Lulu

French dress; Charles & Keith heels; Diva rings; Celine handbag


  1. Great photos and what a pretty dress too! Have a lovely weekend!

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  3. You make, wearing dresses, sound so good...

    You miss S. ?

  4. Love this dress! It looks great on you and I love it especially with the red shoes. Are they red or orange? Either way - fabulous. :)

  5. thanks all :)

    vp-- yup i do miss S

    melissa- the shoes are orange, but. . well, they are all bright colours ;)

  6. I so agree, Dresses ARE THE BEST THING EVER (for a woman's weardrobe). And yours is very pretty, very wearable. Cute, simple & perfect for summer, It fits you great.

    I too Love Dresses and own over 150 of them. ;-)

    By the way I am reading your posts from the beginning and you're a very cool creative writer. Love how you write and how in detail you describe your days, enlisting the beautiful things you did during that particular day. =) Great Job!!

    XOXO <3 Ada.


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