National Day was always just another holiday to me-- an excuse to go shopping whilst everybody was out in the open grounds celebrating revelling in collective effervescence of nationalist fervour. Reminiscent of the religion of football or basically, religions in general. Lately I found myself thinking, 'Oh 9 August. It's National Day'. Singapore turns 45-years old. Clicking onto a few Singapore-based blogs and all posts on national pride and red-and-white stuff based on the colours of the flag made me miss home even more whilst England's summer fast-forwards to winterish weather, seemingly bypassing fall. Stumbling onto |mode.ulation| sparked the discovery of Harry Halim, a designer who studied fashion in Singapore. It's always awesome to see home-grown talents making it big on the international scene. Whilst voices inside and out of my head tells me I should really be working on prisoner rights and radical prisoner organisations at this mo.

Photo by Ridhwan Sesapar.

When it comes to homegrown talent, Ashley Isham always springs to mind. This flamboyant number is the sort of gorgeous fabric and cut that rouses all sorts of emotions in me. From Bridesmagazine.co.uk.

Andrew Gn's FW2010/11 collection taken from Style.com. I first discovered Gn many years ago, and fell instantly in love with his ingenious use of florals and pinks. The above collections's marrying of military and opulent looks in sensual black complete with draping fabrics, described by Gn as 'modern rococo', looks like a complete dream to own.


Harry Halim's FW2010/11 collection. One look at that structured skirt excited me. I love structured stuff-- quite possibly because I know no matter how I might attempt to sew (with my lack of meticulous-ness)-- I would never achieve anything remotely near that. Plus, that same skirt's available in silver! Pictures from Harry Halim's site.


Quite clearly, the above are mere phantastical notions swimming around in my mind since the probability of owning them is close to 0. At least for now. I never imagined I would miss shopping in Singapore (besides Diva, which is an Australian brand anyway; and BySi for its lovely and extremely-affordable dresses). Europe is a dream where I decided that I would only own leather bags and leather shoes, stuff that were relatively pricey in Singers. In Europe too, I have suddenly seen myself owning amazing stuff like Christian Louboutin shoes and YSL tributes and Godknowswhatelse. Dangerous territory, I know.

But yes, recently I have started to miss Charles & Keith shoes like crazy. Sometimes when I walk around Cambridge people ask me where I get my 'amazing shoes' from and I smile, because chances are, they are from C&K. Actually I was kinda proud to see them priced quite high in Cyprus. It's been a long way from their beginnings, and their designs have skyrocketed in terms of style and quality (no doubt 'inspired' by high-end designers as well). Sometimes I secretly gloat at how I can pay Singapore prices and have them sent to Singapore before Lulu sends them to me (because it's cheaper that way. Way, way, way cheaper) whilst getting D to come over to help me shortlist which ones I should get (since I can't get 10 at one go). Just look at how delectable these are!

By FJ Benjamin, RAOUL is beyond-awesome, making me drool and hyperventilate all the time. Quite honestly, I prefer Raoul's shirts (for men and women) to Charles Tyrwhitt ones-- and with impeccable detail paid to cut, finishing, collar type, etcetera etcetera etcetera, there is the *something* about Raoul that you have to experience in person in its boutiques. In my fantasies, all men should wear Raoul shirts; and somehow the way they style their suits, men do not look like penguins in them. Raoul also does awesome amazing Italian shoes that are a complete dream to wear. I have a pair of blue velvet six-inches that are so stable and beautiful they are a work of art in-themselves. So much so to this day I kick myself for not getting the same pair in red.

Via Fash Bash I discovered Shito, where the shoes have that bit of tantalising, teasing edge about them. I was especially blown away by the Voyeurism range (maybe its the name itself too. . psychological priming), described as an 'illicit observation of some one elses intimate acts usually but not necessarily sexual. It is the deviant manifestation of sexuality that involves looking without beesing seen, and is greatly pleasureable. Voyuerism plays around with fantasy like layering of fabrics that complements and reveals part of you foot clevage, it frames and highlights the silhouette of the heel.' Somehow they channel a Dita von Teese type of feel. Burlesque, anyone?

Also via Fash Bash did I discover Sewperlative, an amazing store that concocts wonders out of feathers. I remember getting into feathers many years back, amassing loads of feathery stuff, but it was under Agathe of now-defunct StyleBytes' influence that I started looking at feathers at headpieces yet could never find those stuff locally. Knowing that Sewperlative exists makes me think, now why didn't they have all these when I was still living in Sing!?

I discovered Pedro's existence when I was studying for my primate psychology paper, reading URBAN, a feature newspaper every Thursday on beauty and fashion. Previously, Pedro stocked pretty sexy men's shoes (which I really like, I just told D the other day that if he were a stranger wearing extremely sexy shoes I might actually smile back. . because of the shoes haha), but upon learning of their impending female collection of sexy high heels complete with even sexier advertorials I got extremely psyched. So I added the finishing touches to my term paper on play-fighting, did up more notes on primate culture whilst thinking I really prefer cats and went to school the next day. More than ten pages of scrawled essays later, I finished my paper an hour early, and zipped out to . . . travel to Pedro from my uni in some godforsaken location. And picked up a gorgeous pair of black-and-white stilettoes to reward myself in advance (because I was psychic enough to know I'd get an A+).  They sit on my shelf today still.

*And of course way beyond fantasies of shoes and clothes, I am even happier that Ionescu will be tried!
** And more importantly, the views on Devilishly Pleasurable are increasing everyday-- thank you for stopping by! :)


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