the dilemma behind shortlisting shoes

In between doing up our theses, loads of sleeping (I remember at dinner, D remarked "is it some kinda trademark of criminologists to sleep more than 12 hours a day?" but no) and texts to each other at 1130am going 'Can we meet at 2 instead' followed by 'yes, thank you! I am still in bed!', I met up with June to

1. eat cake (since apparently I have infected her into eating 'too sweet' cakes)
2. exchange wicked stories and laugh non-stop
3. shop, shop and more shopping.

That was the plan anyway, and when I reached the city center I saw a girl examining her skin in her compact mirror standing outside an under-renovation Costa Coffee. She took one look at me and moaned about wrinkling. The imagery was too funny and I burst out laughing, following which the entire day was spent bent over in laughter. I picked up a most amazing 50s-style sheer wrap-dress which can also double-up as a billowing thin coat or whatever else in the vintage shop, whilst she, a stunning cocktail dress. And then we hit Giulio's where we drooled non-stop. Down in the basement it was pretty much Heel Candyland. June was asking me how the hell do I walk in them (considering that when I met her on the first day of class she told me "I wear heels from college to the institute even if it is a 40 minute walk. .no pain no gain") whilst I happily told her they were the same height as my five-inch existing ones, before she proved me wrong by putting them side-by-side. But I swear the six-inch pairs are really stable. Following which I had a hard-time shortlisting shoes. .

J: Why don't you buy both
P: But I've already got seven new pairs this month
in my defense there was a drought over the past few months

J:  So, which ones do you have more clothes to match them. . wait you have all sorts of colours
P: Yeah and if I didn't have any I'd get new ones to match them
This happens if you begin dressing based on The Pair of Shoes I am Going to Wear Today

P: Okay, last pair for the month
J: This month is ending
meaning, July

There were also loads of amazing DVF wrap dresses (lifelong ambition to own at least 10, except that current count stands at a paltry zero). But the logic always goes this way. . I'd rather spend on shoes than on dresses. E.g. you can have 100 dresses, 100 tops, 50 skirts and 50 pants/trousers/jeans. Meaning that the probability of wearing a luscious todiefor dress that you own is very low at any one time. Whereas you can have 100 pairs of shoes and the probability of a delectable pair that you splashed on is much higher. Much greater mileage.

What do you spend more on. . shoes or clothes. And your train of logic behind it?

H&M dress; Charles & Keith shoes; Miu Miu bag; vintage dress; self-made ring; Accessorize earrings.


  1. Hi:) Thanks for stopping by my blog....nice to meet you....Im SOOO with you!! I have a total shoe addiction....I cant guarantee much in this life....but at least I know every Friday its buy a pair of new shoes and eat

    Super cute blog....Im going to follow you!

  2. Beautiful shoes! Well worth it. Nice cleavage too ;-)

  3. Thanks for visiting my blog over at Pixels and Ginger :)

    Lovely blog you have here! Those shoes are incredible!


  4. collette-- thanks! the promise of new shoes is alluring, isn't it

    wendyb-- haha. . if you're a woman, flaunt it ;)

    chelle-- thank you. . will stop by again soon. yup, love love love love the shoes

  5. Hi there...thanks for visiting G&G! I'm the same...I spend so much more on shoes, because they are not only the icing on the cake most times, but because they don't discriminate against me when I gain or lose weight!

    ♥ V

  6. Gorgeous shoes!! I probably spend more on handbags than anything else! Shoes and clothes are probably equal, but handbags are my main weakness :)


  7. you shld take photos all of your nice shoes !!!!!!


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