Faffing around with grids and becoming anal about positioning and typography for the past few weeks whenever I randomly pop into D's screen. Even though The Creative Director has been mocking my faux-Art Directorship and bruising my ego badly. Still, the entire Anality Trip has made me..  well, experiment and play too. So today I came up with these. Even if I am a little appalled at the way I now obsessively make sure how certain points must touch each other and count grid spacings. Oh God, am I really going to turn into one of those who get obsessed with even a bit of tiny pixelation errors. I don't remember ever bothering about grids even if I knew how to use them since a long time ago. Random hours over the past two days have seen me learn how to configure scripts to . . well, anally ensure that all pictures are of the same width, and make sure that I can stand the aesthetics at-least-remotely. Anyhows, red-and-black. My favourite colours. I am quite proud of these works anyway. At least I ain't sleeping my time away.

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