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There are some things that seem to last forever; and no, they don't have to be diamonds of which their alleged perpetuity really is part of a clever DeBeers marketing campaign back in the day. I remember this bangle which I had at 2-- set in Indian stones which I used to play dress-up with. It remains near and dear to me. The Mother's collection of belts, too, which probably are older than I am-- gorgeous vintage exquisite leather belts that I know I should purchase rather than my nonsensical knockoffs. I remember wearing pom-pom or anklet socks as a child too-- something that could be found at every shop in some housing estate in Singapore, but now only to be found in sex stores online. Or the choker I made from fabric roses in pots at home whilst studying for my A-Levels, thereby rendering all the fake flower pots bald during that period. Slightly less far back in memories would be this dress. One morning in Brisbane my cousin and I hopped onto a train to the factory outlet complex. A few hours and kebabs later I left satiated whilst wondering how I would fit everything to bring to Melbourne. This dress was one of the hauls. I even remember that it was only AUD$10. That's how happy I was with it.

The day:
Off to collect the shirt that arrived; DIY mixology of hot chocolate, espresso and cream at Carluccio's; fainting at the pleasures of lemon oil and freshly-baked bread; finding the French baker who gave us free bread at the market half a year ago (except that this time we had to buy it); embracing the Oriental look for a change whilst I wonder just how many new faces I will uncover with a slight tweak of the fringe; Lulu's Chanel lippie is so long-lasting I am beyond amazed (first time I am wearing it alone); D deciding that I look more and more like an unreal doll; getting strange kicks out of thicker liquid eyeliner that makes my double eyelids disappear into a tiny almost-slit-eyed single-eyelid look; the almost-wedges that I doctored by tying some suede ribbon near the toes to make it more peeptoe and 'less vulgar' (only to be called a fusspot); the amazing way in which a belt simply completes the outfit; gasping in wonderment at the amazing shots and making a mental note to forever exploit my photographer (much to his faux-horror); the most awesome Indian spicy lamb chops ever later on. 

Temt dress; Christian Dior handbag; vintage bangle; Aldo & vintage ring; Accessorize earrings; self-designed choker; socks from ebay; River Island heels; vintage belt.


  1. Hi there! thanks for stopping by, a great post and what a lovely dress! x

  2. Love your outfit and your post! Great blog; happy I found you!

    Mary xo
    Delightful Bitefuls

  3. i think your red lipstick was the perfect accent for your outfit - so pretty. great shots too.
    xox alison


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