Still hacking this site together-- if only everything can be done by telepathy. This medium feels more fun than posting everything into FB albums though.

Summer calls for short skirts which exhibit my zebra-stripped legs from wearing strappy sandals in the sun a month back. A one-and-a-half hour walk on foot to reach Grantchester from Cambridge city center unfortunately necessitates the use of flats as choice of footwear. Prior to that, my friend K's housemate told her to tell me not to wear 5-inch heels to trek there and I had to laugh, because well-intentioned as he was, I wouldn't have imagined making the long walk in stilettoes. Scenic countryside views and creeping into an empty church whilst trying to figure out if it was Anglican or Catholic given two types of crucifixes there. Loving the wide-angled camera that I can only dream of-- because even if I own one, I would still take shite photographs. Such is life. We all must have certain talent-shortfalls and retardations. 

Photos by Kris Chong

lace top from ebay; boyf's black shirt; Osmose skirt; Primark flats; Diva ring; Marble Ink handbag; Guess? charm belt worn as necklace. 


  1. Hahaha... thanks for acknowledging the photographer! Then again, there are many "Kris" around!

    Wear all the high heels you want, after all, you are the one and only "P-lettoes"! (My copyright again!)



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