satin bangs

As I head towards my last few weeks of studies and put the finishing touches on my thesis, my personal photodiary is born. A cornucopia and repository of memories and places, people and smells, textures and sheens, flavours and thoughts. Quite possibly, chronologically displaced; a work-in-progress. A tribute to generations and years of clothes and shoes and bags-- however ancient, vintage, hand-me-down, a-few-seasons-ago, or spankin' new.
The mantra-- Everyday's a fashion parade

Last night I snipped my fringe because my hair is getting too heavy and because I wanted to see something new. Today we had a lovely late lunch (well, 4pm lunch) of Middle Eastern delights. The shops were all closed and after peering into a million display windows fantasising about clothes, we headed for tea|coffee and tiramisu. The sky was gloomy-- whatever happened to summer?-- and so we were the only ones on the terrace of this Italian café where the cakes are fresh and awesome. And revelling in this gorgeous satin shirt that everyone who has seen it loves-- whilst happily telling them it's only fifty cents in Singapore currency or around 20-pence-- tucked lazily into my favourite pair of shorts. Tis been a loverly Sunday.

vintage shirt; Zara shorts; Charles & Keith heels; Mango, Aldo, Warehouse bangles; Celine bag; Diva & Aldo rings; Aldo earrings.


  1. Amazing blouse!!
    I adore this pattern!


  2. Hi Hun how are you? I am new to blogging, pretty much as you are. I happened to find you and I am now your follower, please do the same.

    I love this outfit, especially this gorgeous colorful silk blouse that looks like something from Hermes. The shorts are super cute and I have 3 pairs identical, in hot pink, white & a beige pair. I love them. The heels are fun, too.

    Please follow me. Take Care and I'll check out your outfits. <3 Ada.

  3. I want those shoes. Going through your blog I must say you have a ridiculously incredible shoe collection. Ridiculous!

    Em K


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