a page torn from the risque lacey fall/winter diary


Whilst looking for inspiration on fall/winter dressing I experimentally embarked upon during my first F/W here (which was, 2009), I found this. Which I really love, because it's got a risque French-meets-Pin-Up style to it. 

Am kinda rushing as my floor is strewn with bags and boxes of stuff all begging to be packed up properly, whilst truckloads of photos sitting in my camera are calling out to be transferred. And I have also discovered so many clothes that I actually own. . Moving in two days! 

Some stylenotes:

1. Maximising mileage of your basque. . I love basques. They're sensual, gorgeous, and the ribbing always ensures the fit is flattering. But no matter how gorgeous they are, it's impossible to wear them outside unless you're going to some fancy dress party or you're working in some erotic playhouse. Not wanting them to never taste the kiss of the wind or bask in the glow of the moonlight, I tucked them into a pair of bottoms. Voila. Also piled on a leather jacket and a coat. My upper-half torso doesn't normally feel cold, that's why I can walk around like that.

2. Now, I know that the suspender-portions of the basque can be seen when you wear bottoms like that. But then again sometimes I like a slightly unkempt look that doesn't look too bothered or fussy. I'm still not sure if these snakeskin thingies are leggings or pull-on trousers except that they fit like a glove, don't look obscene and actually are much more flattering than trousers or jeans. The perils of having No Arse dictates that jeans will always fall off you slightly. . . whilst I continue to pray for an arse everyday. 

3. Leather jacket has a collar? Just put the collar on only. Saves you from having to throw a necklace on, and basically I love collars so much I keep buying them for Ms K. Sometimes I'm remotely jealous that cats get to wear collars whilst if humans do there is always some slight S&M connotation associated with it and all the prudes in people well up and start remarking. But then again, same thing goes for bondage-sque belts. Can't people have some remote sense of aesthetics instead!?

4. Trench coats with attached fur (or whatever this was) collars always look a zillion times more glamorous.

5. Lace stocking peeking out of gorgeous pumps? Why, of course!

6. Flash always screws people's skin tone. I need a way better camera.

7. Red lipstick.

vintage trench coat; La Senza basque; Topshop snakeskin bottoms; YSL Tributes; Leg Avenue lace stockings; Forever 21 earrings; Diva ring; vintage leather jacket; Christian Dior handbag

P.S. Thank you Pull Your Socks Up! for the latest award :) I will pass the award on soon. . when I can have more time to breathe and blog properly!

P.P.S. Will stop by when I have more time too!



  1. Loving this look on you, the jacket and the fur shrug are totally glamorous and I'm glad you're flashing your basque, I bought one on my travels recently.I must look it out and dress it down like you. xxx

  2. love that corset! Gorgeous!

    xoxo, jaz

  3. Hi there-wow, what a stunning look-love the lace and red lipstick!! x

  4. I love corsets too. Fab outfit - those shoes!! those shoes!!!! Love your leather jacket too.

  5. If all of these items magically found their way to my closet, I wouldn't complain. Seriously cute! You've inspired me to dig for my lace tights now : ).

  6. Loved your style notes.
    Those heels are killer!

  7. Well this is an incredible look. You've really got the proportions right - I love everything! The corset is an amazing colour on you and yes, it should be worn as a top tucked into pants so you get more wear out of it. But the first thing I saw was the collar - oh yes, I agree with you on using it as a necklace. Awesome xo

  8. Those shoes look like they can be used as a weapon as well. I adore them.


  9. Love love love your lipstick!!!! You look sooo fabulous!!! And the lace stockings are sooo awesome!
    Big kiss,
    xo Beckerman Girls


  10. i love the peeking lace!!

    feel free to enter my mini giveaway too alright, last 5 days!


  11. wow, love those shoes!


  12. Killer shoes!!! :D

  13. Gorgeous! I love the lace and patent shoes.

  14. You're rockin' it good, girl! :)

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  16. thank you for the lovely comm! fab shoes! check out my new posts! xoxo

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