winter reds

With the coming of winter staying warm is absolutely essential. Time to break out those gorgeous heavy faux fur coats that break and bend your hangers mercilessly. Some mornings when you get up you feel glamourous and amazing (great way to start the morning) so you curl your hair slowly, and get dressed properly before leaving the house, loving the addition of red to your look. Quick fuzzy bursts of reds, blues and browns courtesy of Photobooth. Red pussybow top belonging to my mother and kidnapped by me to the UK tucked into a Valleygirl denim high-waisted mini, flanked by a red ostrich leather handbag that D insists looks like a strawberry, whilst height is elevated gorgeously by a brown F&F lace-up boots and kept chic yet warm with a huge fuzzy vintage faux fur coat. And of course, gorgeous River Island navy blue socks peeking out, accesorised with red lips, thick gold Forever 21 hoops, and red fabric rose ring from Diva. The living room (and actually the whole lair) has just been upgraded. . which is exciting. Even though I know it will be further upgraded as we speak. Photos of that soon too! Have a glorious week ahead x


  1. Faux furs and short skirt - very seductive :) I hope your legs aren't cold... I wish I had some faux-fur jacket but I don't, and since I'm on a shopping ban I'll have to make do with something else.


  2. " Some mornings when you get up you feel glamourous and amazing"

    This happens for some people??? :-b

    When I think of you I always think of this kind of true, seductive red. And I love it against the rich faux fur brown and the ruffly pop of deep blue sock here.

  3. What a gloriously descriptive and evocative piece of writing. This morning I certainly didn't feel glamorous and amazing, maybe tomorrow I'll be more inspired. You look wonderful! xxx

  4. Love the red pussybow blouse, such a ladylike style so it is fab paired with a mini skirt

  5. Lovely, The whole look is elegant and ladylike, even with the mini!

    Its so true about the hangers, heavy caots do a number on them.

    ~Em K

  6. I love this time of year! I also love the red lipstick....not something I can pull off with my red undertones. Looks FABULOUS on you! ~ Serene

  7. Loving all the red!

    Oddly enough, I'm dying over your gorgeous couch, actually.

  8. I adore red and black!
    This outfit is a total winner ;)

  9. @poet, my legs aren't really feeling cold most of the time, which I'm quite thankful for.

    @Cloud . . hahaha, yes, I am sure you fall under the 'some' people too. it is indeed, a state of mind ;) that is so sweet of you to say that about the rich shade of red. . it is my favourite colour, and re the ruffly sock, it is my usual ICanNeverBeARealLady thing. some ruffian element popping in.

    @Vix, I certainly hope you'll feel divine tomorrow :)

    @The Backseat Stylers. . I love my couch too, but might be getting a new one and selling this soon :)

  10. Hello, darling - long time no read. Your header is amazing!

    And oh, I love a red pussybow blouse, as you may remember. Looks stunning with your trademark red lipstick. I'm currently trying to resist buying a gorgeous red coat...


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