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As you might notice, Devilishly Pleasurable now has a new header (which I'm quite proud of lol) and slightly different site layout. Also, we exceeded 6000 views yesterday-- so thank you! :)

This week's Friend Friday questions are to do with beauty and grooming-- topics close to my heart, focusing on doing away with shampoo, soap and deodorant. Whilst some may see it as treating your body kindly-- which I agree with-- I look at it from the viewpoint of jumping onto the 'good for health bandwagon' and question why we undertake some actions.

1. The move to do away with soap, shampoo and deodorant has been growing in popularity in the last year. What are your thoughts on this trend?
I think I was 16 when I was told about the dangers of sodium laureth sulfate, the lathering agent in many soaps and shampoos. Perhaps it started feeling like a little of a health scare, with people around me throwing their shampoos away; and perhaps we expose ourselves to many more carcinogens with so many artificial products so it didn't mean much to me. (On a more frivolous note, everyday I pray I'll die by 50 so my two years of sleeping two hours a day will not catch up on me. Or my many other old bad habits). So, doing away with soap, shampoo and deodorant is not something I've jumped on the bandwagon. Originating from a tropical country where humidity can be more than 95% and where you perspire if you walk a little once you're clean out of the shower, these are absolute essentials. I think, just as with every 'trend', especially in the case of health hoaxes or scares or concerns, one has to think deeply about whether this suits one. Or if one is prepared to face any possible consequences in future. If you think about it, everyday you're exposed to toxic fumes whilst commuting, perhaps cutting out the above for health reasons might make one feel better; and if you consider future health consequences of using certain products, then GM-food that have sneaked into our diets whether locally or abroad have as yet unknown consequences too. The debate is never-ending, one might say. One has to ask oneself-- why am I doing this? Research findings are often tweaked, or one part is blown out of proportion, zoomed in and amplified beyond belief by media sources, otherwise justified with the caveats of 'limited generalisability' and validity claims. So, one day, coffee is good for you. The next, it is bad. On the third, it has no measurable effects. Therefore, if we're talking about doing something for the sake of health, it really is one's own call.

Yet, if we speak about going organic, then perhaps the debate extends to why are we going organic? Again, is it for health reasons? For jumping on the bandwagon because the term is often echoed? As with all things organic, it has been repeatedly reiterated that organic food is no more healthier, nor contains more antioxidants or vitamins than its conventionally-grown counterparts. At this juncture I am tempted to throw in the fact that many people who (blindly) laud organic do not know that fact, and are more often than not snobs who want to feel good about themselves (see here, for starters; or consider the misguidedness of some locavores). But, chefs and food-obsessed people like myself would tell you that because the organic product is grown in richer soil where the topsoil has time to replenish itself, the food does taste more flavoursome. I'll give you that. Also, organic products are soil-friendly, and in the midst of the food crisis where we would need more than one planet to feed our population in the future, moving towards that impetus is for saving ourselves. Because, let's face it, we can't save the earth-- who are we. The earth, in its billion of years of evolution, will regenerate itself, and go through its cyclical mass extinctions. The earth will therefore survive, what we need to save is ourselves, not be pompous and say we're gonna save the earth. Clearly I have digressed, but my main point is-- why are we doing the something that we're doing. And in this case, staying away from soaps, shampoos and deodorants.

2. Be honest how often do you wash your own hair?
Everyday. I have an extremely oily scalp, and despite moving to England, I feel the need to was it daily lest my scalp breaks out. It might also be part-psychological, but if I sleep without washing my hair, I feel itchy.

3. Have you tried to go the more natural route by forgoing shampoo? What happened? Or would you be tempted to try it?
Yes. It failed miserably.

4. What products do you use and have you ever gone with more organic alternatives?
I use Head & Shoulders for my shampoo-- that and Clear are the only brand that calm my scalp-- and I'm just beginning to learn how to de-abuse my hair by conditioning it with Superdrug's shampoo that leaves some subtle red highlights. When I was younger, I'd use clarifying shampoos once a week to remove the gunk, use deep moisturising shampoos (e.g. Dove and Pantene) but they were too heavy for my scalp and it was Flake Galore. Not pretty. Nor comfortable. Sometimes I use curling products to maintain my natural waves since my permed curls have straightened. Normally they are by Umberto Giannini (Natural Curls Styling Spray for next morning hair because I straighten my hair in my sleep, Catwalk Beauty Hair Spray, and the Sex Bomb Volume Mousse) and Samy (Big Curls Defining Cream and  Curl Defining Spray). I don't normally use these, but as I've yet to go home for a haircut and new perm, my hair looks a little odd so I'm making some effort to take care of it. Sometimes I'll do a quick curl with my Babyliss Curling Wand. In a nutshell, up to two months ago, I was only using shampoo. Back in Singapore, I had a whole range of TIGI curl-maintaining products that I might only use once a month when the mood strikes. But I have to admit that their Bed Head Small Talk was awesome and smelt yummy. As for organic alternatives, they can get a little costly. . my budget for now makes me venture more towards organic food products because it feeds my stomach in a tasty way. 

5. What about that daily shower? Would you forgo that opting to shower three times a week instead?
I believe this is cultural. I would shower everyday back home, and it is no exception here. There are ethnicities and nationalities who hardly shower, mostly attributed towards cultural programming. Sometimes in the cold and if I've stayed in and slept all day, I might skip a day of shower. Otherwise, if I am out and about, showering is important to me.

Email Katy Rose of ModlyChic if you'd like to join Friend Friday. In the meanwhile, it's Guy Fawkes Day over in the UK-- fireworks are lighting up the skies tonight and tomorrow night; and in the midst of the cold winter chill, here are two gorgeous coats (I wish I could afford!). Well, a girl can dream. Before I moved to Brighton, I walked into Karen Millen and felt overwhelmed with a feeling of . . loss. I'd spent on furnishings for my new place and all the more I wasn't allowed to get coats. And these are beautiful. Although we all know that on a normal budget, whether I am buying furniture or not, I shouldn't get them. Maybe just keep starring at them and hope to pull them out of the screen like how when I was 1+ years old I thought that TV characters and stuff could be pulled out of the screen and into your living room.

 Karen Millen printed pony coat
Karen Millen snow leopard coat

Have a glorious weekend! x


  1. Thank you so much for visiting my blog! And thanks for the sweet comment. Great post!

  2. Your answer to question one resonated with me. I agree that we need to look at the whole overall picture, and not just get obsessed by one thing. Also thought it was great that you pointed out the fact that sometimes one or two aspects of a research study get picked out and receive media attention, and that the definition of what is good and bad for people changes daily. Really, we need to consider the overall picture and decide for ourselves what is best.

    Your answer to #3 made me laugh out loud, good thing no one was sitting beside me!

    The coats, oh the coats. Lets not go there, shall we? Coat #2 had me at hello. (Jerry Maguire reference!)

  3. Thank you for your nice comment! Have a great weekend dear!


  4. Your new header is awesome! And great post. Have always enjoyed reading your blog.


  5. Love your new header.. its always good to refresh our blog sometimes

  6. wow! impressive numbers! Thanks for your comment!
    Those coats are soo cute!!!
    I also like the header, although I'd don't know what the other looked like.

  7. Your blog has such pretty pictures! Congrats on 6000 views. :D

  8. I like the new layout and love the new header! Good blog re-do! It's great and user friendly!
    Also: I did the FF questions this week, too. I'm currently on day 17 (or so) of no shampoo (using baking soda and vinegar only) so far, I haven't noticed too much of a difference, but I do think the apple cider vinegar has helped clear out some of the styling product build up. (or at least that's what I've been told on various internet sites that it will do. It does indeed feel bouncier and lighter after using the vinegar)

  9. Oh I'm definitely lovin' the new header! Congratulations on sooo many hits hun!!!


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  10. Loving your new header! Also I could never give up my daily shower. Just not possible!


  11. Congrats on the revamp and site views!

    ♥ V
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  12. love the first coat and great header.xx


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