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Seems like it's been ages since I last popped in. In the meanwhile, I've successfully made the move to Brighton. . it's a gorgeous place (I know how many times I've said it!), I love spending time sitting on the pebbles watching the waves crash and my flat is awesome! The other day a massive cat just appeared at my doorstep and rushed into the flat as though it knew the flat well, nosing about for a long time before settling to sleep by my bed. . . apparently it DOES know my flat very well, which is awesome, because I was just wishing for more cats in my life. Almost done with unpacking, which could have been faster if not for a few scuffles here and there; and waiting on stuff like wardrobe-expanding hanging rails, whilst laughing at how the chaise lounge is *still* in the box. Nevertheless all the shoes are displayed in the living room now-- D says it's odd to have shoes there but who cares-- next to my collection of books, I love my massive red velvet Chesterfield, and even more so, my gorgeous memory foam bed. No more poky beds with protruding springs that I have been subjected to for eleven months! So yes, I am well aware that you are only as good as your last blog post, and the recentness of your updates. .  Which I have been failing miserably at. Internet's been established (hail Virgin for being so quick!), but I expect that looking for jobs and establishing proper sites in my 'gap year' (that's what my bank manager says I should say, so I can still officially be a student), whilst being a bit frantic that my course of choice *might not* actually open and therefore necessitating alternatives (or the fact that I have yet to get an official letter for date of award for my Masters makes me wonder how I can apply for visa extension!), and further decorating means I might not be able to be as diligent on Devilishly Pleasurable as I envisage in my (delusional) head. Of course, I hope to get loads of photos of the place up as well (I really love it!).

In the meantime, I find it utterly disconcerting that the only thing I miss about Cambridge would be the reliable water heating when you shower at night, that I don't have to pay for heating bills there (haha) and the blazing internet speeds. Here the wireless is a tad odd, solvable by pluging in an ethernet cable but that's not the point right? How am I going to lie on my belly atop my fuchsia satin sheets and surf to my heart's content? Back to 'missing places', I am befuddled by the lack of nostalgia (typically I experience nostalgia even for some stupid piece of junk in classic Cancerian fashion) but maybe it's The Hag and her fucked up behaviour and racism and beyond right up to the last hour of my stay there that makes me leap up and exclaim Hallelujah! People really make or break your experience. Nevertheless, in memory of heaters and the internet, expect to still see loads of Cambridge-based shots because hey, they gotta go somewhere, and I live in a chronologically-displaced mode. In an ideal world, everything would be streamed straight from my head via telepathy to the internet, and I would have so many awesome sites. In my real world that doesn't happen, and you find that chronological-displacement comes in handy when you watch dramas with episodes jumbled up. . e.g. 1, 5, 4, 40, 16, 18, 2, 37, 34, 25. . and still make sense of it whilst your poor mother watching with you gets supremely befuddled and you feel extremely impatient trying to explain the *proper* chronology before realising it is your own fault for confusing her. Okay, nuff rambling. Love middle-of-the-night rambles. Oh, and Stargate Universe Season 2 just landed! Wahoo! Been waiting months after being left hanging in the air in that horrible finale.

So yesh, stylenotes!
  • White Cotton On dress that I made sure I brought back with me in April. Missed it so much! Throw a shirt over it and belt it with a white vintage leather belt. As always, I love shirts oversized (even more reason to steal from your man, look at his clothes and tell him 'I haven't worn that one *yet*'. . hey be honoured your clothes get so much mileage! Okay not that he remotely minds, in fact I think he loves it) and they always look like thin jackets. Got this crinkled ocher one from an Italian shop in Nicossia, Cyprus. XL, I think. 
  • Went out with only one necklace (Aldo gold motif pendant with thick chains) but popped by Accessorize and picked up about five more (all on sale for an indecently-low price! and because they're rather bizarre nobody will buy them) and started piling them on because I always can never wait to wear new hauls. The orangey-tan one kinda reminds me in a disconcerting way of a story I'd read when I was young when Siddharta Gautama met a man who strung the fingers of people he killed into a necklace. Don't know why I have that association but.. like I said it is remotely disturbing.
  • It is massively hard to drink from a bottle in red lipstick-- we were having drinks sitting by the river-- so the red lippie looks smudged. Not from terrible application, I swear. 
  • Love my stupid smiles and stripey 'zebra' legs courtesy of Glastonbury.
  • Miu Miu handbag, Zara nude pumps, Diva rings, vintage earrings.

Thanks for stopping by, as always!

*It's just struck me that it's the first of October. Exactly on this date one year ago, I got off the plane and landed in Europe for the first time in my whole life (no idea why that I always bypassed that continent in all my travels), left home to live elsewhere for the first time my whole life,  and well, began my whole new life!

Here's to the rest of my life. . and to everyone else's!



  1. So happy to see you posted and youve made the move:)

    You look gorgeous as ever...miss you!!!

  2. you look great even at Brighton. i hope the internet will be speeding up soon. :D

  3. Well done on the move and may you enjoy many restful (and fun) nights on your new bed;). I love the necklaces - when I read how you acquired them I couldn't believe there was someone else out there who also buys jewellery and piles it on straight away! xo

  4. love the look!

    xoxo, jaz

  5. Congrats on your move...you look really happy!

    ♥ V
    twitter: @gritandglamour

  6. I totally display my shoes on my bookshelf, don't even worry.
    Also, love how you've layering the accessories here!

  7. Good luck with your transition! Love your nude color palette + bright red lips in this post :)

  8. Adorable pix! You need my MAC Lasting Lust lip color -- it doesn't budge!

  9. Lovely Shoes. Kiss

  10. nice blog, you have a great style.
    check my new blog post " Denimology " and leave your comment.


  11. Oh yeah. Whenever I try to drink from a bottle w/ lipstick, it ends up all over my chin. lol Congrats on the move lady! You look good : ).

  12. Love your outfit and your lipstick color is gorgeous.

  13. thank you for your comm on my blog! love this outfit! very stylish! keep going!

    check out my new posts! you`ll love`em! xoxo

  14. Great blog! Thanks for your comment!


  15. Beautiful outfit - love your accessories!

  16. The red lipstick looks great on you! Lovely blog. Hope you will become a follower of my blog too?


  17. great outfit...your look is beautiful!!! :-)

  18. Love the layered necklaces, the gorgeous pumps, and the red lips. They're an accessory themselves :)

  19. great post!!!thanks for your comment!!hope cu soon on my blog:)

  20. Love all the bright colors!

    Love grace.

  21. Love all the jewels!

  22. lovely look, i love your bag!

  23. I love your blog! and I hope you will visit or follow mine:)

  24. I love your jewelry! And those shoes, too =)

    Quench Fab


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