ruffling the leopard's fur

It's about 7am and I am eating lamb and curry madras after negotiating the precarious-looking spiral staircase in the library in high heels, walking out with a huge stack of paper a.k.a. five copies of my thesis. Effectively awake for more than 24-hours after endless revisions so much so I can recite chapters by-heart. Earlier this week I realised that the 17th is not on Friday, and that I had jumped forward in time. So I happily faffed around with the site layout again, aiming to submit everything on Friday. As Murphy-Sod would have it, I fell a little ill and my self-imposed Friday deadline was out of the window. Nevertheless, it's been a good weekend of sleep, dim sum and a pair of new Dolce & Gabanna shoes. I realise that D and I am having the oddest hours ever, he being the relentless perfectionist workaholic who examines every darned pixel, and me being the analwhenIamfullon but otherwise sleeping/eating/whatever else. But I cannot complain because I spoiled with gourmet food in our 12-midnight Dinners. Essentially we might just fall ill soon. But before then, and as I await a mail about my binding slot and before I shower, time to post some pictures.

These days I have decided that my old habit of Iwillwearpajamasandbegoodanddomywork doesn't really work. That was before I handed in my first draft. Hence the conviction to embrace dressupaholic ideals and like what I see. Well, the leopard top really is a lazy lounge-in or layering piece and the pull-on lazy pants are what I wear to . . go collect the mail so I won't look like a crazy girl walking around college grounds in a pair of short-shorts. Threw on my beloved ruffled bolero and painted my lips red and we were out. Oh, and the Reiss shoes are amazing. Discreetly studded on the platform in front and made of suede, they're about 5-inches high and a complete dream to wear. Extremely comfortable, with impeccable support. Even along the cobbled streets of Cambridge (which are wearing out the soles :( ). And the muffins? We were having breakfast (also cooked by him. . . there is a distinct possibility that this might turn into a food blog soon. . after all, food is devilishly pleasurable too) and then I saw muffins baking in the oven. Banana and dark chocolate ones, to be exact. You know, they really were myopic when they said the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. The way to a woman's heart is through her stomach. That is The Truth.


Really loved the response on my previous post! Thanks for stopping by and saying hello. . And it's nice to know that no-longer-en-vogue gladiators have received such positive reception-- making me wonder if I should post more vacation shots in them given that they are my default vacation flats when I have to walk so much or climb hills that high heels are both humanly and inhumanly impossible. It is even funnier how people stop me incredulously to ask how long I take to strap them up, but nah, there is one single huge zip at the back that does the trick. I probably wouldn't wear shoes that took forever to wear unless I had a good reason to. Oh, and it seems like another trip to Cyprus might materialise. Yay. Am gonna pick up more of the scarf dresses from the Indian shop. Also, does anyone know where to get such dresses in the UK? Have been hunting, but sorely disappointed. Anyhows, will drop by all your sites soon and update my blogroll.

The agenda today: shower, bind thesis, submit, nap, and D's mother comes to Cambridge for a visit later. No rest for the wicked.

Mango camisole; pants from some blogshop; Sixties Design ruffled bolero; Guess? clutch; Reiss shoes, Accessorize earrings.


  1. i loved the details on the shoes.

  2. Gorgeous the shoes:)

  3. I love your gorgeous new shoes - I don't know how you manage through the cobblestones in 5" heels, but they're so pretty.

  4. Cute outfit. Love your shoes. You look great.


  5. Thank you for visiting Ecobellus! You take some phenomenal photos :)

  6. lisa-- cobblestones aren't exactly very friendly, esp. when you look at the damage on the soles of your shoes.

    when i first came here i had problems adjusting then i looked at the 30+ pairs i shipped over sitting on my shelf, took a deep breath, and decided to be brave

  7. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such great compliments...if you love funky tights, youll love the outfit I just posted for today:)

    I LOVE your favorite finds, going to have to try them too!

  8. I love your shoes!

  9. hey yes brian atwood is available at On Pedder in Ngee Ann City orchard.:)

    thanks for commenting on my blog

    want to exchange links?i have linked you on my blog


  10. That is one sexy number, honey! Dressupaholic has actually helped me on essays and such in the past. When you feel badass, you are!

    ♥ V

  11. What a hottie!!!
    Love that bolero, the ruffle detail is amazing.
    Leopard + red = a girl after my own heart

  12. thank you all! there is nothing like a pair of shoes to rouse a girl's heart.

    collette-- you're inspiring me to do a beauty post soon. .

    g&g-- haha! hail dressupaholic. . inspiration always comes when you look good, doesn't it ;)

    pc-- love it to know another fellow leopard + red cultist :)

  13. Beautiful blog! I love all these photos :)

    And thanks for commenting on mine! xoxo

  14. I LOVE the pic of the cupcake with the pump. I don’t know why but it's my favourite.

    Cute outfit, but that goes without saying.

    I totally agree that the way to a woman's heart is through her stomach! My bf is a former chef and I'm not going to lie I ate many a delicious meals that may or may not have persuaded me to stick around! lol. j/k I would have stayed regardless if he burned everything.


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