365 days of shoes-- how to wear ALL your shoes ALL year round!

Last week at Devilishly Pleasurable, I unveiled seven years of Dearly Beloved Shoes in my post To All The Shoes I've Loved Before. As a woman who finds shoes devilishly pleasurable (and making more time on my part for this site), I am launching a series of shoe-related posts. The following is by the lovely Guest Blogger Megan of Two Birds, dishing out her fabulous tips on how to maximise mileage on your shoes and letting them see the light of day all year round. Living in a country with four seasons? No problem! There's always a way out, and a stylish one at that. Not to mention, cost-effective. Life couldn't get better!
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It looks like it’s Shoe Week here at Devilishly Pleasurable…and I couldn’t be happier. Who doesn’t love shoes? They add to an outfit, sometimes even make an outfit. I have been known to plan a whole outfit based on just my shoes. They are probably my favorite accessory. But, here’s my problem – I live in Minnesota. About three months out of the year, it’s nice and warm – the other nine months, cold and colder. I have all of these beautiful summer shoes that I can only wear three months out of the year, and a ton of fabulous boots that I miss by the time summer rolls around. So I decided to think outside of the box, and luckily, fashion has been right beside me. I have found that there are so many stylish ways to wear “summer” shoes in the winter and “winter” shoes in the summer. I never have to store my shoes away; I can wear them year round!

Here are a few of my favorite ideas on how to switch up the typical seasonal shoes…

Sandals with tights, my new favorite look!
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Oh how I love this look. A great pair of tights is a must-have item in any woman’s wardrobe. Pair them up with a darling pair of heels, and they are even cuter. Any almost any tight will do…opaque, cable knit, designed. I love them all!
 original image source: MSN.com; editing by Devilishly Pleasurable (text by Two Birds)

 original image source: Two Birds Boutique & here

You don’t need to pair boots and leggings in the winter!

I love leggings. They are not only comfortable, but also slimming and work with almost any top. A dress, a skirt, a tunic…they all look cute with leggings. And they don’t just make plain black leggings anymore. There are patterns, textures and colors that work with any mood or outfit. I always thought that if it’s winter, you need to throw on a pair of boots with your leggings. And don’t get me wrong, I love this look. It’s my go-to outfit when I’m running around town. But, you don’t have to wear boots with leggings, even in the dead of winter. This fits in with the sandals with tights idea…throw on some leggings and some cute socks, or wear tights under your leggings for a unique look.

Boots in the summer
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I know, it gets hot in the summer. But that’s no reason to not wear boots! Pair them with shorts, or a skirt or a cute little sundress, and you’ve got a great outfit. It doesn’t look wintery! And this works with any kind of boot…knee-high, booties, cowboy. Go crazy!
 original image source here; editing by Devilishly Pleasurable (text by Two Birds)

So don’t put your sandals away just because it’s October. Keep them out, play around, have fun with it! What do you think? Do you have any more ideas on how to maximize your shoe use? I’d love to hear other ideas!


  1. I like this post! I love the pic of the lady wearing the boots in the summer, so hot.


  2. Great post! Love the shoes in the photos especially the ones with the floral ankle socks!

    I've taken to wearing stockings and sandals also! Didn't know if someone my age could pull it off, but I did it anyway. Check it out if you want~ http://fashionoverfifty.blogspot.com/2010/10/socks-and-sandals.html

    I didn't want to go too far and wear them with a dress...yet....

  3. Thank you sooo much for the comment sweetie! We're sorry for the late answer, busy with school and stuff..
    And we'll update our blog very soon! we promise! :)

    ohhh, I love shoes... surprise!

    Take a peek, again! our first blog! :)

    Hope you will enjoy it!!

    Best regards from Sweden!!

  4. Fabulous post! I'm with you on the shoes, I just adore shoes....they can really make an outfit. It's great now that most clothes aren't confined to Summer or Winter. Now, more than ever there are no rules! ~Serene

  5. Good ideas... though I must say I bow to practicality when it comes to winter shoes. I have continuously cold feet (and hands - low blood pressure) already without putting them in sandals at below 0 :) I also have a kind of love-hate relationship to leggings; I might do a post about it soon!


    PS: I always admire your layout... how long does it take you on average to get all the pictures prepared (including text, etc)?

  6. I'm a recent convert to the sandals and tights look, and I love the extra wear it gets me during this already cold October!

  7. sandals and tights are so cute <3

  8. I'm a huge lover of the tights and sandals look! We should be able to enjoy our shoes year round!

  9. I've been so tempted to do the socks with sandals look, but I want the perfect pair of socks - thin, but thicker than stockings, bright color and just covering the ankle...the search continues!

  10. Great post! Socks and sandals are proof never say never when it comes to fashion, but the big if clause in this is "if it's done right" - men wearing socks and sandals still are very wrong!

    Thanks for visiting my blog :)

  11. Lately I've seen lots of girls wearing sock with shoes, sandals and even wedges.
    I actually love this new look. It's more edgy...

  12. Thanks for the lovely comment :)
    Also, LOVE this post and socks and heels are certainly the way to go! Awesome blog xxx


  13. I love the socks with shoes look! It has influenced me to try that style soon.=)

    Thank you for visiting my blog, it means a lot to me!

    Off The Wardrobe

  14. Thank you for commenting in my blog:) I come to see yours - and I love your blog! It's really cute.
    Great post! I like sandals with tights too:) Adorable!

    Btw, Im your new follower:)
    xo xo

  15. Please comment:


  16. great post - thanks for sharing xxxxx

  17. I love breaking and playing with the fashion rules!
    Boots in the summer is one of my favorite looks. great post!


  18. great post! its so inspiring :)

  19. I like your blog so I will be following you. I am not crazy about the idea of wearing socks with shoes or sandals.

    I would never do it unless if I was a teen. even if I were a teen, I would think twice about it. I think you can get away with it when you are a celebrity. Rihanna did it when she went to the Miu Miu fashion show in Paris recently and she looked nice.


  20. i love the boots in summer look...but i think my feet would be so hot!

  21. looks great! espcially liking the tights/socks. so cute.

  22. this is the greatest idea ever. pure genius. i love the floral turqoise socks shot. just beautiful.

  23. thx for stopping by :) im really digging the floral socks! Some colorful funky ones with an all black outfit would be awesome

  24. great ideas :) love that you have a museum of shoes haha.

    love, M

  25. I love this post! Very creative and great how you designed it!


  26. Love this post!

  27. Love the idea of wearing sandals in winter, but with tights they get so slippery. Guess I need to buy some anti-slip inserts...

  28. very cool. socks and sandals are the best!!x

  29. Thank you sooo much for the comment sweetie!
    I ought the pants in Barcelona!
    We're sorry for the late answer, busy with school and stuff..
    And we'll update our blog very soon! we promise! :)

    like the shoes!

    Take a peek, again! our first blog :)

    Hope you will enjoy it!

    Best regards from Sweden!

  30. Little ankle socks are my current obsession. :)

    Love Grace.

  31. thanks for all the great comments everyone. it was so fun guest posting on such a great blog.

    check out our blog for more great posts=)

  32. Inspiring! I am so glad stylistas have made it totally okay to get use out of cute open-toed shoes and sandals by wearing them with tights.

    It seemed like a few years ago, wearing any kind of hosiery, even nylons, with anything open-toed or open-heeled was deemed a huge NO, and one must simply wear them with bare legs and feet. This made me cross, as a resident of chilly Wisconsin. There are so many cute open-toed options out there but no way was I going to wear them bare-footed during fall, winter, or early spring. I rebelled and wore them sometimes with sheer skin-toned hosiery. But I really like the new tights/socks styling options.

  33. I do love the winterizing of sandals this year. Especially since the socks these days are soooo cute!


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