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Believe me, this will rank amongst one of the most worthwhile exercises you'll ever do.

Every girl who loves makeup or uses makeup will need this sometime. We've all got one of those freak days when we sleep past our alarm clocks before jolting up, grabbing the clock and shouting out loud, "Shit! Five minutes and I'm supposed to be out of the door or I'll be late!" in a frenzied squinty haze. During my first episode a few years back, I remember declaring somewhere, "It is now possible to wash up, dress and look quite made up in five minutes". In retrospect, that would never have been possible if I didn't know that one vital step of makeup my face loves. Five sweet seconds of eyeliner bliss, shading in the crease line of my double eyelid, and out of the door I flew. Whilst I can't profess to be as proficient as this or this,

Set aside about fifteen minutes for this exercise. Begin with a clean face devoid of makeup. Pick one feature, and apply some makeup to it quickly. Just one or two products.
The rule: this must not take more than fifteen seconds. 

For the eyes, 
(a) A quick wash of eyeshadow on your lids
(b) A simple flick of liquid eyeliner
(c) White eyeliner on your waterline-- an instant I Look Awake trick
(d) Some white/coloured eyeshadow on the inner corners of your eye
(e) A single coat of mascara
(f) Using kohl to  colour along the crease line of your double eyelids. This works wonders if your eyelids are not deep-set!

We will call each face according to its alphabetical assignation. For instance, I may try Face (c).

Take a good look at that face and examine if it has the right effect for you-- does it make your face pop? Does it make you look more polished or more awake. Take a quick photograph or two of that face.

Remove the product(s) you just added.

Try on another face. Repeat the same steps, including the photograph.

Ideas for the cheeks and lips include: (g) blush on the apples; (h) blush under the apples of your cheeks to sculpt your cheekbones; (i) one coat of nude gloss; (j)painted red lips.

Brainstorm and come up with a list before you begin, and add to the list as you explore. Be sure to label each photograph-- or at least know which Face each photograph maps to.

Line up all the photographs on your computer screen. Or if you want, print them; or use Polaroids.

Pick out the one that has the Ta-dah! effect on your appearance. That will be the emergency look and the quick-fix within your bag of tricks. If you're greedy like me, produce a stellar lineup of your Top Three Faces.

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Personally, I think this tip is useful for situations beyond emergencies. If you're staying in for a period of time, upset that you're looking frumpy because you're busy doing chores or rushing out certain deadlines. Just that magic five, ten or fifteen seconds can make a difference, if even to yourself when you glance at your reflection. Or, if you're away camping and want to look just a little enhanced, this could come in handy. Otherwise, take the lessons learnt from this exercise into knowing what to add to your current everyday makeup face when you're suddenly required to look extra-good. A surprise last-minute date? A meeting in which you're going to present your work? A friend inviting you for a party after work or school. . Go figure ;)


  1. Miss Peelpants22 July 2011 at 02:22

    Oh I am right with you on that last paragraph. Sometimes I'm feeling so gloomy, and I realise once I've put a fairly minimal amount of make-up on that my appearance was a large part of why I was feeling gloomy (or, at least, exacerbating it...) x

  2. You've inspired me to spend more time on my makeup. I stick to the same quick, boring routine every morning.

  3. ooo i love this makeup! beautiful!

  4. I love to over do my make up ,but if I am in a hurry I work with what I can get my hands on.
    amazing make up tuts.


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