we all scream for ice cream even in the snow

I know, I know. It's absolutely freezing out there. Who in the right mind would have ice cream? Maybe our friends experiencing summer or tropical climes? But, it was a Buy Two deal of Thornton's Temptations ice cream, and I couldn't resist getting two pints. After all, ice cream always evokes the nostalgia of the ice cream man coming by in his cart in the evenings, and children (or those at heart) running out to choose their favourite flavours to be lovingly encased in a cone, bread sandwich or a paper cup. It also reminds me of a few years back when my cousin and myself were on our uncle's houseboat in Perth, WA, shivering all excitedly on the deck whilst the winds blew mercilessly at us, only to realise the irony that we were eating ice cream in winter. So I decided to experiment with some decadence here. . . ice cream in winter? Yesh yesh yesh! Nuff said. Amen.

Don't laugh at me but I had never heard of Brandy cream until last Christmas season, when I was innocently browsing the shelves of glorious groceries at M&S foodhall. Up until then I was absolutely psyched by the discovery of Madagascan vanilla double cream, devouring at least a tub a week with my teas, and telling myself, "Okay, so a tiny thing costs more than 4 pints of milk (weekly staple) but I need to be happy". And then, Brandy cream appeared before my eyes. Tadah! The good thing about it is that it lasts for some time given the alcohol content, and I must have polished off a few big tubs last holiday season. This year, it has been no exception-- I found it, bought it, and dripped it onto everything. It's sort of like rich jam with chunks of coarse-cut fruit, salted Irish butter, hearty eggy kaya (i.e. a coconut jam-y curd), fragrant and thick condensed milk and luscious Nutella-- stuff that you can eat neat. Okay, I eat loads of things neat, but I love food that much, sometimes I finish a slab of butter in a week and hope that I will die before 50 lest I have clogged arteries.

So in a bid to eat more fruits, I picked up a bag of grapefruits. I love their tarty, citrusy taste-- sour is a delightful sensation for me, much to the grimace of most I know, but there is something about the taste of grapefruit that trumps lemons and oranges. Besides the divine glistening flesh. Opening my toffee ice cream, I wanted a flavour that balanced out the sticky richness that can get a tad satiating at times, so I decided on grapefruit flesh.

Here's what you can do:

  • Take half a grapefruit and spoon out the flesh. 
  • Scoop as much icecream as you want onto a plate/bowl (damn the snow! my gorgeous crystal ware have yet to arrive!). 
  • Top up with some sort of sweet treat. Here I used Cadbury's Christmas special logs. Don't you just love Christmas for all the special treats and makeup sets that are doled out?
  • Drizzle condensed milk and brandy cream all over.
  • Grate some dark chocolate and top with cinnamon powder.
  • Keep out of the watchful eyes and salivating hyperventilating creatures around you who might be eyeing your decadent concoction. Hide in your own corner, snuggle with some cushions, put on some slow ol'-skool Jazz or a good movie, and tuck in, savouring every mouthful.

This combination retains the distinct flavour of toffee whilst having a tangy taste that adds a delightful twist. And the oodles of chocolate and cream? You earned it! ;)


  1. What an interesting combination of flavors! I love chocolate and citrus flavors. I'm thinking, why not?

  2. ice cream is perfect year-round! :)

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  3. My husband would be salivating over this....he's an ice cream-a-holic! Looks wonderful!

  4. Yum, this sounds and looks delicious! I love ice cream all year round :P

  5. The only way I can eat ice cream at the moment is lumped on top of something warm like apple pie or sticky toffee pudding.

  6. I am not an ice cream lover, but I could eat your photos, so good they are.

  7. Oh my lord, this sounds lethal! I love ice-cream at all times, it certainly shouldn't ve reserved for summer. And I've never tried brandy cream, really must get some for this Christmas.

  8. I eat ice cream even in negative degree weather.
    I just love ice cream THAT MUCH.
    Thanks for your comment!


  9. @Veshoevius-- Oh, I love icecream over warm stuff, or fried icecream. . I'm thinking cold treats would be good over the fire.

    @Sacremento-- thank you, amiga mia!

    @Bonnie-- Same here! yay!

    @Penny- You had me laughing at the word 'lethal'. . yup, Brandy cream is a must

    @Terri- Let me know if you try it out!

  10. Ice cream is nice no matter what time of year it is:) Such a cute post, now i want chocolate!

    Love Iben

  11. I'm sooo hungry now! haha

  12. Thanks for your lovely comment <3

    Have a great weekend!

  13. mmm.. chocolate. Selections are so heaven

  14. I don't care what season it is or how cold it is outside, I will always eat ice cream! Ice cream is my all time favorite dessert so I can eat it any time, any day!


  15. I agree, there is no specific season for ice cream - you must eat it at all times! I never ever thought of it with pink grapefruit before - I think I have to try that!

  16. Swoooooonarama!!! How delishly decadent!!!!

  17. thanks for your comment in my blog. I love ice cream excluding strawberry flavour. Can't resist that as well even if it's freezing cold but luckily im in a tropical country so i can eat ice cream anytime. Following you dear. Hope you could return the favor.

  18. HEy girl!! You are too sweet!! Thank you!! So now I am going to eat some ice cream!! Dang I was so trying to talk myself out of it!!!!
    HAve a fab weekend!!


  19. wow i love ice cream!!!!!

    xx Marina


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