watermelon juice

Quick post before I crash and conk out. Mad day laughing over tapas and a few rounds of drinks celebrating the end of our Masters course with J, who took one look at these photographs and told me 'oh God, so innocent'. These were taken yesterday, when D and I went for a walk to clear our heads after catching up on loads of sleep.

'You slept for bloody ages. . like what, 18 hours'
(Counts) 'No, 16 and a half'
'Like that makes any difference.. I already have a headache as it is. .I think I overslept for what. . 12 hours?'
(Counts) 'No, 11 and a half'

When I used to say I can sleep alot (well, there are days I survive with 0 hours, sometimes 2 hours), he thought I was joking and perhaps exaggerating. Then he realised that I only tell the truth. It is my aim in my next life to be a well-loved and gorgeous cat. So I can prowl around, strut on my tippy-toes and sleep eighteen hours a day. Speaking of which I miss my cat(s) sorely and badly. There are few cats wandering around Cambridge. These amazing 5.5-inches high snakeskin-and-suede shoes arrived on Tuesday. Christened 'Letitia' in watermelon, they are exquisitely beautiful. Unfortunately the right side is a bit tight on the toes, but nothing that stretching out with socks can't do. Simple outfit antyhows-- didn't want to steal the limelight away from the gorgeous shoes. It started raining whilst we were out, and it was suggested that we took shelter despite my habit of walking in the rain (I love the rain). "I'm just worried for your shoes. They're new, you don't want to destroy them." Awwwww.

Thank you all once again for stopping by-- Devilishly Pleasurable went over the 1000th-view mark yesterday, which is pretty amazing since it's only been about 2-odd weeks old with not-too-regular postings due to the schedule. Keep checking back for more! Food posts, recipes, more outfits, articles, etcetera in store.  :)

H&M striped jumper; Victoria Beckham for Rock & Republic white skinny jeans; Diva rings; Reiss heels; mismatched ballerina earrings from some blogstore in Singapore; Forever 21 necklace.


  1. You look fantastic!!! SOOOOO loving your shoes:)

  2. Those shoes are fierce! It's like ballet grew up to be very sexy indeed.

  3. Shoes are beautiful- have you ever tried watermelon juice? It's truly satisfying. YUM!

  4. thank you! i am loving these shoes SO much too!

    lulu-- nope, prada is the dyed snakeskin one. . haven't posted them yet

    bekah mae-- love that description. ballet growing up to be extremely sexy!

    natale eve-- oh god i love watermelon juice. the thought of it makes me miss home.

  5. Lovely blog, cute style!

    Thanks for stopping by mine, I'll add u to my blogroll too! xoxo

  6. ur shoes are really cute. it look like a ballerina shoes but with heels


  7. Love the striped top, and those shoes are amazing!


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